• stop_index_oob_positions() throws errors of class vctrs_error_index_oob_positions containing fields i and size.

  • stop_index_oob_names() throws errors of class vctrs_error_index_oob_names containing fields i and names.

stop_index_oob_positions(i, size, ..., .subclass = NULL)

stop_index_oob_names(i, names, ..., .subclass = NULL)



For stop_index_oob_positions(), a numeric vector of positions. For stop_index_oob_names(), a character vector of names. i may contain both out-of-bounds and within-bounds elements, only the former are used to construct the error message.


The length of the vector to subset from.


Additional data to be stored in the condition object.


Subclass of the condition. This allows your users to selectively handle the conditions signalled by your functions.


The names of the vector to subset from.